What is known today as Down The Hatch was started in 1946 as a small hot dog stand housing a jukebox and two pinball machines. It was owned and operated by the late Arthur Eberle.

In the early 50s the original building was converted to four small hotel rooms and became a popular retreat for summer vacationers. A second building was erected with four more hotel rooms to meet the popular demand.

In the late 50s a third building was erected which housed a small kitchen that served guests breakfast, lunch, and a few basic dinner items. An upstairs lounge was added at a later date and the name changed from “The Last Resort” to “The Lake Shore Lounge.”

The facility was purchased in May of 1976 by the Parente family who currently own and operate it. The entire set of buildings underwent several renovations over the years and was finally completed in 1993.

Today it is known as “Down The Hatch Restaurant,” serving a complete menu of Steak, Seafood, Burgers and many other tasty combinations daily starting at 11:30 a.m.